Incentive Based Trusts – Giving Your Children a Reason to Succeed

You may have heard stories of the so called “trust fund babies” who spend their parents wealth on lavish vacations, luxury lifestyles, mansions, exotic cars and unyielding shopping sprees. They often do so with no regard as to how quickly your hard earned money may disappear, leaving them in the midst of an identity crisis; broke, in need of serious treatment and those who helped them spend it nowhere to be found. Incentive based trusts can protect your loved ones from these often immature and irresponsible behaviors. They can be set up to match the timeline of maturity and growth. They provide milestones which incentivize your children to do well in school, seek qualified employment, maintain upstanding character and ultimately protect them from the people who are ready to help them spend it all. Our firm specializes in high net worth asset protect as well as trust and probate litigation. Our litigation experience has helped us develop proactive strategies to avoid the loopholes estate plans often fail to close. Consult with our firm before hiring an attorney whose loopholes could very well end up leading your family to the courtroom.